Tom Brady has reportedly met the final requirements to become a minority owner of the Raiders.

NFL Network reported that Tom Brady is close to becoming a limited owner of the Las Vegas Raiders. The final hurdles have been cleared for Brady’s investment, and it is expected that his investment will be reviewed by the league’s finance committee by March 4 or 5. If approved, this will mark the official end of Brady’s playing career in the NFL as players are not allowed to have an equity stake in franchises.

In recent weeks, there has been some delay in the process due to concerns over the proper valuation of the Raiders. Some owners felt that Brady’s proposed investment did not match the current value of the team, so it was necessary to raise the financial commitment needed to make it happen. However, it seems that these concerns have now been addressed and Brady is one step closer to becoming a part-owner of the Raiders.

As part of his ownership deal, Brady will be purchasing 10 percent of the Raiders with himself owning seven percent. In addition to this role, he has also been advising majority owner Mark Davis on team transactions and filling out staff under new head coach Antonio Pierce. This shows that Brady is committed not only to being an owner but also to supporting his fellow teammates and helping them succeed on and off the field.

Brady has also teamed up with Tom Wagner, co-founder of Knighthead Capital, on deals for other sports investments. It seems that these partnerships are paying off as he gets closer to achieving his goal of becoming a limited owner in professional sports.

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