The nuances of determining sex have been widely demonstrated by science for many years

In a response to State Superintendent Ryan Walters’ statement in a Tulsa World article, Dr. Edward Gustavson, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, criticized Walters’ use of the term “woke mob” when referring to individuals who hold different views on certain issues. Gustavson believed that this labeling did not effectively address the challenges that children are facing today and suggested that it was unnecessary to use such extreme language.

To challenge Walters’ understanding of the issue, Gustavson shared details from an international meeting he attended in 2006 at the Pediatric Endocrine Center of Oklahoma City’s Children’s Hospital. At this event, experts in genetics, physiology, anatomy, psychology, and social sciences explained that sexual determination is not strictly male or female at birth due to a variety of factors. Gustavson emphasized that genetic information disproves the oversimplified notion that sex is determined solely by X and Y chromosomes, with data showing the influence of numerous genetic sites on this complex process.

Reflecting on his own educational background, which included studies in genetics at notable institutions like the Children’s Hospital of Boston and Harvard Medical School, Gustavson highlighted the evolution of scientific understanding in this area. He emphasized that genetic variations (alleles) play a critical role in shaping human development and that early sex determination methods have been proven to be unreliable in many cases. Gustavson also criticized Walters’ perspective on educational matters, asserting that as a consultant for multiple school districts in Oklahoma, he has observed discrepancies in the superintendent’s portrayal of various stakeholders’ actions and intentions.

In conclusion, Gustavson suggested that Christian belief does not necessitate a dismissal of scientific, legal, and literary knowledge. Encouraging open dialogue on this topic

By Riley Johnson

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