Jack Dorsey Sports Nirvana-Style Logo Satoshi T-Shirt at Super Bowl

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Square, was seen at the Super Bowl wearing a T-shirt that paid homage to the iconic Nirvana smiley-face logo. The T-shirt had “Satoshi” written on it, a reference to the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin. Dorsey has been an outspoken supporter of cryptocurrency and, along with Jay-Z, launched Bitcoin Academy to provide a free, 12-week educational course on the subject to residents of a public-housing complex in Brooklyn.

Dorsey and Jay-Z have been spotted together in various settings and have collaborated on business ventures, such as Square’s acquisition of Tidal. If you’re interested in getting a shirt like Dorsey’s, they were available on Etsy at the time of writing, although they were already in high demand.

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