Transfers totaling 1.51 trillion dirhams between banks and individuals in the Emirates during January 2024

The UAE banking sector witnessed a 24.43% increase in the value of transfers in January 2024, reaching a total of 1.512 trillion dirhams. This was facilitated by the UAE Financial Transfer System (UAEFTS), which is the primary transfer system in the country that enables immediate fund transfers between entities. Of this total, 973.69 billion dirhams were transfers between banks and 538.94 billion dirhams were transfers between bank customers.

Meanwhile, Central Bank statistics also revealed that the value of clearing checks using their images in January 2024 was 109.47 billion dirhams, with a total of 1.96 million cheques settled through the check clearing system during that month.

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The UAEFTS, developed by the Central Bank in August 2001, has been instrumental in enabling instantaneous fund transfers between entities within the country’s banking sector, making it an essential component of the country’s financial infrastructure.

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