In Leverkusen, Italy secured a crucial point against Ukraine in a tense match that was marred by controversy. Despite a goalless draw, the game was filled with opportunities and moments of excitement. One such moment came when Ukrainian player Mihajlo Mudrik collided with Italian defender Bryan Cristante in the penalty area, leading to a disputed penalty claim.

The referee did not award a penalty, and there was surprise that VAR was not consulted. This decision sparked disappointment from Ukrainian coach Serhij Rebrov, who believed his team was denied a clear penalty that could have secured their place at the Euros.

Despite this setback, there is still hope for Ukraine to qualify for the European Championship. Germany is also vying for a spot through the playoffs, so Ukraine will need to continue performing well in order to secure their place in the tournament. The outcome of this match remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: it will be an exciting battle between two talented teams fighting for a spot in the Euros.

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