Ukraine claims Russia’s troops ‘partially pushed back’ from key town, as Putin’s offensive ‘seems to slow down’ in latest Ukraine war update

The UK’s House of Commons held an urgent question on “Russia’s aggression relating to Ukraine and the situation in Georgia” within the last hour. Ukraine has been under attack from Russia in recent days, and there have been riots in Georgia as Russia sought to pass a controversial “foreign agents” law. The question was tabled by Jim Shannon, a Democratic Unionist Party politician, and answering on behalf of the government was armed forces minister Leo Docherty.

Leo Docherty began his statement by noting that today marked day 811 of Putin’s “special military operation,” which was supposed to last just three days but has failed to achieve all of its objectives. Despite this setback, the minister emphasized that the conflict is still evolving and confirmed Russia’s latest assault on the Kharkiv region, which he said was likely an attempt to divert Ukrainian resources away from other parts of the front line and threaten Kharkiv – the second-largest city in Ukraine.

Docherty pledged that the UK will not be diverted from its commitment to provide Ukraine with the support it needs to prevail. He pointed to the vast package announced in January and ongoing efforts to support the Ukrainian military. Turning to Georgia, he said that while the government is observing events with concern, it is committed to upholding peace through diplomatic means. He also emphasized that the UK is a close friend of Georgia and urged all sides to exercise calm restraint during these tense times.

By Riley Johnson

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