United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has expressed grave concern over the recent massacre of civilians in the Gaza Strip and is calling for it to be transformed into an opportunity for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. He believes that the current situation, with thousands of children losing their lives due to Israeli military actions, constitutes a massacre unlike any other in recent memory.

Guterres has called for a humanitarian ceasefire, the release of all hostages held by Hamas, and an end to violations of international law. He also envisions a future where the Palestinian Authority assumes greater responsibility for governance in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This transition period must be facilitated by the international community to make irreversible progress towards a two-state solution, according to Guterres.

He does not believe that establishing a UN-supervised “protectorate” is a viable solution and instead calls for transforming this tragedy into an opportunity for positive change. Guterres emphasizes that this is a critical moment for resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine and requires deliberate efforts from all parties involved to make lasting peace.

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