Take a Sneak Peek: Da Vinci Science Center Offers Preview of New Exhibit Before Official Launch | Lehigh Valley Regional News

The Da Vinci Science Center is set to open its new downtown Allentown location later this month. The center will be situated on Hamilton Street and will offer a range of permanent exhibits for visitors to explore. One of the exhibits, called “My Body,” will focus on topics like exercise, muscles, circulation, and brain function.

In partnership with Lehigh Valley Health Network, the “My Body” exhibit at the new Da Vinci Science Center location allows visitors to climb through the stomach, feel the vibrations of a heart, and learn about the human brain. The exhibit is designed to appeal to a wide range of learners, not just school-aged children. It aims to educate people about important health topics in a fun and engaging way.

The key feature of the exhibit is a discussion about the importance of getting a colonoscopy. Jason Szep, a senior technical trainer at Olympus, explains that the exhibit aims to make difficult topics like colon cancer more accessible for families. By prompting questions and discussions, the exhibit encourages visitors to learn more about their own health and family history.

The Da Vinci Science Center will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 21st, with the official opening scheduled for May 22nd at the new location in the PPL Pavilion. Tickets are currently on sale for those interested in visiting the new center.

By Riley Johnson

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