The Supreme Court Deemed the Bank’s Decision to Deny Transfer of Roman Abramovich’s Donation to ZAKA as Justified

The Supreme Court has overturned the district court’s decision in favor of businessman Roman Abramovich and the ZAKA organization against Mizrahi-Tfahot Bank. Abramovich visited the area near the Gaza Strip following Black Saturday and was moved by the work of ZAKA volunteers with the bodies of those killed by Hamas. He donated 8 million shekels to the organization, but the bank blocked the transfer citing European Union and British sanctions on Abramovich’s assets.

Roman Abramovich and ZAKA filed a lawsuit against the bank for refusing to transfer the funds. The district court initially ruled in their favor, ordering the bank to carry out the transaction. However, this decision was overturned by the Supreme Court, which found that Mizrahi-Tfahot Bank had acted within its rights when it blocked the transfer due to international sanctions on Abramovich’s assets. The plaintiffs were unable to prove that they had violated any rules or that there was an exception to these sanctions. Additionally, they failed to demonstrate that ZAKA would cease to exist without receiving this donation.

This case highlights how international sanctions can have unintended consequences for charitable organizations and raises questions about banks’ role in enforcing these restrictions. It is essential for banks to understand their obligations while still upholding international regulations, even in cases involving humanitarian aid. Ultimately, this Supreme Court ruling underscores how crucial it is for all parties involved in international transactions to adhere strictly to international laws and regulations.

By Riley Johnson

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