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Richie McCaw has been an inspiration to many, including rugby player Stephen Willis. Willis admires McCaw’s exceptional leadership and captaincy of the All Blacks, as well as his impressive on and off-field presence. What sets McCaw apart for Willis is his love for flying, which is something that he shares himself.

Willis is not only a captain on the rugby pitch but also takes on the role of a pilot when he’s not leading his team in rugby sevens matches. He flies both 34 and 15-seater commercial aircraft as well as smaller corporate jets. Despite the differences between flying and rugby, Willis sees similarities in the challenges he faces in both roles. Both require adaptability and giving your best under any circumstances.

As a captain, Willis takes his responsibilities seriously and strives to lead by example, although he admits to being too passionate at times on the rugby pitch. He believes that this passion drives him to perform at his best and inspire those around him to do the same.

It’s no wonder that Richie McCaw has had such a lasting impression on Willis. The two share a passion for flying, leadership, and overall presence on and off-field performance that sets them apart from others in their respective sports.

Overall, Stephen Willis looks up to Richie McCaw as his main sporting inspiration due to their shared values of leadership, captaincy, passion for flying, and overall presence on and off-field performance.

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