Unveiling the Mystery of the Happiest Country in the World

For the seventh year in a row, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world, according to the World Happiness Report. This report was established in 2012 by the United Nations to promote sustainable development goals. In a survey where participants rated their lives on a scale from one to ten, Finland scored 7.7, securing its top spot. Scandinavian countries dominated the list while the United States and Germany fell out of the top 20. Afghanistan, plagued by war and conflict, ranked lowest with a score of 1.7.

What sets Finland apart from other countries is its commitment to gender equality, trust in national institutions and citizens, and low corruption. Finland was the first country in the world to grant women the full right to vote and run in parliamentary elections in 1906. Helsinki, the Finnish capital, was rated as one of the most honest cities in a test of citizens’ honesty conducted by Reader’s Digest. Additionally, Transparency International ranks Finland as one of the least corrupt countries after Denmark.

The Finnish government’s policies on education, healthcare, and family support also contribute significantly to its citizens’ happiness levels. The education system is ranked among the best globally and offers universal healthcare to all citizens. However, some believe that Finns’ emphasis on sauna culture plays an important role in their contentment too. With approximately three million saunas across the country, Finland has a sauna for every two residents! Saunas are found in all government buildings and are an integral part of Finnish culture.

An exhibition titled “Die Sauna: Echt heiss – Echt finnisch” sponsored by the Finnish embassy celebrated sauna culture with photos, videos and an actual sauna at Berlin celebrates this unique blend of societal factors that contribute to Finland’s high levels of happiness among its citizens.

Overall, it seems that Finland has managed to create an environment where people feel contented and fulfilled due to several reasons such as good governance structures

By Riley Johnson

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