Putin blames radical Islamists for Moscow attack, questions motives

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged on Monday that the deadly attack on a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow last Friday was carried out by radical Islamists. The attack resulted in at least 139 deaths.

Despite acknowledging the involvement of radical Islamists, Putin raised questions about who benefits from the attack and emphasized the importance of investigating further to determine the true motives behind it. He linked the attack to those who have been confronting Russia since 2014, referring to them as a neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv.

Putin believed that the attackers sought to spread chaos in the country but acknowledged the unity and determination of the Russian people to resist such evil acts. Alexander Bastrikin, director of Russian Investigative Committee (FSB), provided details about the attack, including a timeline of events and weapons used by suspects. Over 200 searches and seizures related to the case have been conducted, with 11 suspects arrested for their involvement.

The suspects have confessed their involvement in the attack, with some being sentenced to provisional arrest for terrorism. Among those arrested are a father and his two sons who allegedly provided assistance to perpetrators, including accommodation, transportation, and money. The investigation into

By Riley Johnson

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