On Sunday, Sandra Benčić laid a wreath in the Danube in Vukovar for all the civilian victims of the war, following in the footsteps of Milorad Pupovac who was unable to do so. This act was intended to recognize and regret the suffering of all those who experienced the war and to call for justice for those responsible in order to establish lasting peace. However, her actions were met with criticism from some who accused Benčić of fostering a typical Yugoslav complex and being a greater Pupovac than Pupovac himself.

Critics argued that Benčić’s gesture represents external humanism that is more dehumanizing than callousness because it serves to elevate one’s own sense of superiority. They believed that recognizing the suffering and sacrifice of Croatia for the victory in the defensive war should take precedence over recognizing the suffering of Serbs. Additionally, they pointed out that Benčić’s timing was inappropriate as it did not acknowledge specific civilian victims that are not recognized by official Column of Remembrance.

Overall, critics labeled Benčić’s move as a quasi-leftist move that offends all citizens of Croatia and serves as an expression of callousness. They concluded by stating that while this matter may not be trivial, Pupovac is greater than Pupovac himself for making such a gesture.

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