Valley City State University Hosted Regional Science Olympiad Event on March 28th

The Valley City Regional Science Olympiad was recently hosted by Valley City State University for high school and middle school students. The event, which took place on March 28, saw the participation of approximately 350 students from 23 different teams representing 13 schools.

The competition showcased a range of STEM-related activities that challenged the students’ knowledge and skills. Students engaged in events such as Robot Tour, Optics, Experimental Design, Can’t Judge a Powder, and more.

Dr. Teather Sundstrom, a professor of chemistry at VCSU and the Regional Director for Science Olympiad, expressed her satisfaction with the success of the event. She credited the support of VCSU faculty and staff, as well as engineers from the area who lent their expertise to make it possible.

The competition took place in various venues on the VCSU campus, including Rhoades Science Center, Graichen Gym, Vangstad Auditorium, and the Valley City Rec Center. The day culminated in an awards ceremony held at Vangstad Auditorium where top 5 teams were announced.

Out of the participating teams, Ben Franklin and Northern Cass qualified to move on to the state competition at NDSU on April 20 for Division B (middle school students), while Fargo Davies and Red River qualified for Division C (high school students). Central Cass also qualified for both divisions.

By Riley Johnson

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