Verizon Business’ Customer Program Takes Home Top Honors at the 2024 ABPM World Class Awards | Press Release

Verizon Business received eight awards at the 2024 World Class Briefing Awards, hosted by the Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM). This global professional community has nearly 600 members from over 150 Fortune 500 companies. Verizon Business’s Customer and Employee Engagement team was recognized for their exceptional service and innovation in customer engagement.

The awards won by Verizon Business include the World Class Program – Overall Award, the Innovation Award in Analytics, and accolades in Customer Experience, Analytics, Operations, and Management categories. In addition to these awards, Verizon Business was recognized with World Class Center Awards for both the Basking Ridge and London Hub locations.

Iris Meijer, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Verizon Business, expressed pride in their achievements. She highlighted the importance of collaborating with customers to address challenges innovatively and emphasized their commitment to excellence and innovation. Elizabeth Simpson, President of ABPM, commended Verizon Business for achieving World Class recognition in multiple categories, noting their high standards and active participation within the ABPM community.

Verizon Business’s success at securing awards across various categories highlights their ability to build relationships, accelerate problem-solving, and drive business transformation. To learn more about Verizon Business’s customer programs and how they can help your business achieve its goals

By Riley Johnson

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