Vikings suspend offensive coordinator Wes Phillips for 3 weeks after his December arrest.

Wes Phillips, 44, the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving on December 8th. His blood-alcohol level was found to be above the state’s legal limit at 0.10%, resulting in his suspension by the team for three weeks without pay. Despite not being initially punished during the regular season, Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell expressed his disappointment in Phillips’ actions and vowed to support him as he dealt with the consequences.

The suspension issued to Phillips will begin on Tuesday and last until April 22nd, just before the 2024 NFL Draft. This means that Phillips will miss crucial pre-draft preparation and the beginning of the team’s offseason conditioning program. In a news conference following his arrest, Phillips took responsibility for his actions and acknowledged that he had not met the standards set by the NFL and the Vikings. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of careless driving in February, with consequences including probation, a fine, and community service.

Phillips was pulled over for speeding in December and showed signs of impairment, leading to his blood-alcohol level being tested above Minnesota’s legal limit of 0.08%. Despite this incident, Phillips continued working with the team during the regular season until his arrest led to his suspension. O’Connell has since expressed disappointment in Phillips’ actions but has also pledged to support him as he works through this difficult time. The suspension will have significant consequences for Phillips both personally and professionally as he misses important pre-draft preparation and offseason conditioning.

By Riley Johnson

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