Senior from Westhampton Beach High School to Compete in Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair

Westhampton Beach High School seniors Meghan Kelly and Jessica Curran recently presented their research projects at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair on March 27. The fair showcased the innovative projects of high school students from across the state, and both Kelly and Curran impressed judges with their scientific expertise.

Jessica Curran, a senior, was able to advance to the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair after winning first place in the plant sciences category at the state fair. Her success in this category highlights her dedication and hard work in her research projects. Curran’s project focused on using gene editing technology to improve crop yields in plants, demonstrating her passion for science and innovation.

Meghan Kelly also showcased her talents and commitment by participating in the state fair alongside Curran. Her project focused on developing a new type of solar panel that could increase energy efficiency, demonstrating her commitment to finding practical solutions to real-world problems. Both students represented their school well in this prestigious competition.

By participating in the New York State Science and Engineering Fair, Jessica Curran and Meghan Kelly demonstrated their passion for science and their ability to conduct meaningful research. Their accomplishments at the fair reflect the high caliber of education and resources available at Westhampton Beach High School. Both students have set a great example for their peers and have made their school community proud.

By Riley Johnson

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