Elon Musk aims to transform X into a video platform resembling YouTube: the similarity is clear

Elon Musk’s X video playback platform for smart TVs has a similar design to YouTube TV, featuring a login screen, Home, Search, and Profile Pages tabs. The platform aims to become an all-in-one application that offers audio, video, messaging, and payment capabilities. To compete in the streaming video platforms sector, X is preparing a new application for Amazon and Samsung smart TVs that will offer videos up to two hours in length.

Recently previewed by application researcher Nima Owji, the new X app’s interface will have a similar design to YouTube TV with a main page featuring both long-form videos and Shorts presented in vertical format. The app will also include filters for recommended and trending content. The upcoming X app for smart TVs will feature a login screen, Home tab, Search tab, and Profile pages, making it web-based and compatible with most smart TVs. The app aims to establish itself as a robust streaming platform for video consumption that caters to a variety of content preferences and user needs.

By Riley Johnson

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