Zelensky alleges Russia’s plan to mobilize 300,000 more troops in June, Moscow refutes claim

During a recent press conference in Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that Russia was preparing to mobilize 300,000 additional soldiers in June. However, the Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitri Peskov, denied this information and stated that it was not true. Despite this, Zelensky emphasized that the Ukrainian army did not need half a million additional troops and only requested support for their existing needs.

Last December, Zelensky mentioned during a discussion on LiveInternet that army commanders had requested the mobilization of 500,000 extra men. However, he did not confirm this during the recent press conference. Instead, he emphasized the importance of providing weapons, ammunition, and training to Kyiv and supporting their entry into the European Union and NATO. Finland’s President Stubb expressed support for Ukraine but ruled out sending troops to the country.

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By Riley Johnson

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