SNHU Spotlight: Lynda Jarrett Shines Bright

At the age of 65, Lynda Jarrett ’23 achieved her goal of obtaining an online bachelor’s degree in business administration from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). Her journey revolved around her determination to complete her education, despite initially considering a return to the field of education.

Jarrett was drawn to SNHU’s program and soon discovered her ability to succeed in the online format. Despite feeling intimidated at first, she received positive feedback and felt supported by her instructors. This gave her the confidence to know that she had made the right choice in choosing SNHU for her educational journey.

Jarrett’s experience at SNHU instilled in her a sense of determination and resilience. She emphasized the importance of not giving up and pushing forward despite any challenges that may arise. She highlighted the kindness and compassion she encountered at SNHU, expressing gratitude for the supportive community that surrounded her throughout her studies.

Participating in the Commencement ceremony allowed Jarrett to celebrate alongside her fellow graduates and feel a sense of community and belonging. She emphasized the significance of the graduation ritual and the opportunity it provided for online students to come together and share in the accomplishment of completing their degrees. Jarrett’s journey at SNHU exemplifies the transformative power of education and the importance of perseverance in pursuing one’s goals.

By Riley Johnson

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