Exclusive interview with Ilia Malinin: Reflecting on his world title, quad-jump mindset, and the influence of his Olympian parents

Malinin, the figure skater who recently won the World championships, is reflecting on his emotional reaction to his free skate performance. While he is usually seen as cool and collected, the moment was unexpected but could help define his future style in competitions to come.

The realization of his hard work and dedication leading to this victory sunk in as Malinin celebrated on the ice. He credits his success to the support and guidance from his family, coaches, and team who have helped him along the way. This win is just the beginning of his journey towards even greater goals, particularly aiming to excel at the Milano Cortina 2026 Olympics.

Malinin expresses how being a world champion was a dream come true for him. The pressure to perform at a high level will continue with each competition he participates in, as the expectations are now set for him to deliver exceptional performances. Despite being a young skater still developing his style, he is focused on taking things one step at a time and using this victory as motivation to reach even greater heights in the future.

By Riley Johnson

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